99 Songs Is An Experimental Film And A Deep Dive Into AR Rahman’s Mind

Director: Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy

Solid: Ehan Bhat, Edilsy Vargas, Lisa Ray, Manisha Koirala

99 Songs has been directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, however the speciality is that the story and music are by AR Rahman. We’re launched to Jay (Ehan Bhat) and Sofia (Edilsy Vargas). Jay is a struggling musician and Sofia is a super-rich girl with a super-rich dad (Ranjit Barot). We expect that is going to be the type of movie the place the dad tells Jay, ‘No! You possibly can’t marry my daughter,’ however this isn’t that type of a movie. In truth, her dad helps her and asks her to deal with a brand new enterprise. 

However Jay desires to be a musician, a creator. That’s why we get extra scenes of Jay along with his music than with Sofia. Sofia’s father is reluctant to let his daughter marry a struggling musician. I think about that it’s one thing AR Rahman drew from his personal life; he was a struggling musician at first, too. After which, he challenges Jay to grow to be well-known. He would possibly have to create only one music for that—or perhaps a hundred. 

Jay goes to Shillong along with his pal and tries to make it huge. So long as the movie stays with Jay it’s watchable. One of many main causes is AR Rahman’s music. The songs match with the grand conditions we’re proven on display screen. However they aren’t remoted songs, it’s extra like a thematic rock music album.

The largeness of the music is matched by the manufacturing. I used to be reminded of movies like Francis Ford Coppola’s One From the Coronary heart which takes place solely in a synthetic set, The Cotton Membership, and one other movie from the identical interval, Adrian Lyne’s Flashdance. These movies aren’t precisely corresponding to 99 Songs, however they have been film musicals that used a music video type to inform a narrative. Artifice is a giant a part of these movies, they aren’t “life like”. As an illustration, we don’t even care that Jay isn’t choosing up Sofia’s calls as a result of we perceive that he’s immersed in his music. 

The second half of the movie, although, is everywhere due to a “realism” that units by way of plot. There are subplots about medicine, Jay’s dad and mom and an episode at a rehab heart. There’s additionally a subplot round a pen drive: it’s a type of a magical state of affairs that creators think about would possibly occur, however usually doesn’t in actual life. However possibly, that is AR Rahman’s manner of asking us to maintain hoping for the most effective. 

I’d have preferred a shorter movie. With the music video format, it feels a bit lengthy. The feelings come to us by way of songs and the setting—not from the characters. However the film is a straightforward watch. I believe it’s really a peek into AR Rahman’s thoughts: what he thinks about music and its energy to heal the world, to devour an individual in a manner they’ll’t actually clarify. It’s like leaping into the center of the ocean—which really occurs within the movie. 

Strolling away from 99 Songs, I felt I had watched an experimental movie, a deep dive into the thoughts of an ideal creator. It didn’t trouble me that, taken as one other characteristic movie, I may need handled it in a different way.

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