A Vague, Unfocussed Thriller That Rides Too Heavily On One Trick Alone

Director: SreeVardhan

Solid:  Prudhvi Dandamudi, Maira Doshi, Banerjee

For a thriller that’s a few man who’s in determined search of his sole remaining member of the family, there’s no urgency in IIT Krishnamurthy. For the primary 30 minutes or so, it’s like Krishnamurthy (Prudhvi Dandamudi) has on a regular basis on the planet. He has time to crack jokes with a ‘humorous’ roommate who has taken medical depart to scale back his tummy. He has time to sit back at cafes with Jhanvi (Maira Doshi) the place they’re both falling in love or already in love. 

And in case you had any doubts about their relationship, we get not one however two generic duets to fill us in. However this roommate and the lover have completely no bearing on the precise plot, which is Krishnamurthy’s seek for his lacking uncle. Jhanvi is simply there for the songs and for a longish stretch in a while the place he explains his facet of the story. As a substitute of talking on to the viewers, she’s merely a stand-in to inform us how intelligent Krishnamurthy actually is. 

However what’s irritating about IIT Krishnamurthy is that there’s an honest concept in there someplace. There’s a misleading facet within the writing that wanted to be far sharper, and the screenplay wanted to take away the half-dozen distractions that actually take the tempo away from such a thriller. The naked bones concept for the movie is apt for a brisk, 90-minute missing-person thriller. However you’ll want a microscope to search out this benefit in a jungle of randomness. I nonetheless haven’t fairly understood why the movie takes a 20-minute detour that has one thing to do with Krishnamurthy’s lacking individual posters showing all throughout Hyderabad. Positive, it makes for an attention-grabbing interval punch nevertheless it simply goes berserk with what’s primarily a five-minute idea. 

What doesn’t assist both is the movie’s over-reliance on the massive ending. It’s just like the makers determined to clarify every little thing with one lengthy stretch of dialogue. So if one thing hadn’t made sense till then, they’re simply going to attribute even that to the hero’s genius. There’s no room for errors in Krishnamurthy’s plans and the sequence of issues that has to fall proper in place for his desired end result appears annoyingly implausible. Elsewhere, particulars about monetary fraud and the entire police operation are too simplistic to be taken severely. 

And for a movie that’s obsessive about the protagonist’s large throbbing “IIT mind”, it actually overestimates its personal intelligence, whereas underestimating ours.  

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