An Impressive Relationship Drama That Has Sneaked Into A Survival Drama

Director: Gokul

Solid: Keerthi Pandian, Arun Pandian, Praveen Raja, Ravindra Vijay

Anbirkiniyal (Keerthi Pandian) and Sivan (a widower, performed by Arun Pandian) have one thing of an inverted father-daughter relationship. She is the accountable one who works odd jobs to repay his debt, whereas he’s the type of one that hides cigarettes all around the home. Anbirkiniyal, a remake of the Anna Ben-starrer Helen, doesn’t simply invert the standard father-daughter relationship. It additionally inverts the construction of a survival drama. As a substitute of emphasizing how Anbirkiniyal survives a horrific state of affairs that she finds herself in, the movie emphasizes who she is and focuses on her relationships as a approach of exploring that. 

Sivan isn’t the one man in her life that she has to fret about. There’s additionally her boyfriend, Charles (Praveen Raja). Like Sivan, regardless of his love for Anbirkiniyal he isn’t in a position to materially help her. Anbirkiniyal is caught between the 2 males, not simply metaphorically, but additionally actually—the truth is, she’s frozen. Between them, the 2 males should make her unstuck once more. 

We don’t actually really feel a way of urgency when Anbirkiniyal is trapped as a result of we’re proven occasions that occur at two totally different speeds. For instance, when she makes an attempt to board off a cooling vent by balancing on high of a ladder, we’re proven —in a couple of seconds —what would have taken her over an hour to perform. In distinction, within the dialogue-heavy scenes the place Sivan and Charles are on the lookout for her, we’re proven conversations unfolding in actual time. So, we by no means really feel that Anbirkiniyal is shedding time rapidly and she or he might quickly be useless. 

This wouldn’t have been an issue if sequences involving Sivan and Sub-Inspector Ravindran (Ravindra Vijay) had been handled significantly. However they’re handled with a lightness that takes our minds away from the stark struggling of Anbirkiniyal. This mismatch within the therapy of the survival and the rescue sequences is at its most awkward within the climax the place they arrive collectively. You’re left with a lingering feeling that Anbirkiniyal’s survival story deserved a extra satisfying ending. 

The survival drama half is commonly handy. An individual in a jail cell performs good samaritan. Charles bumps into Anbirkiniyal’s co-workers when he’s out on the lookout for them. A automotive crashes into his bike in entrance of the constructing the place she works. However you don’t thoughts these logical issues. As a result of the how within the survival drama was by no means actually going to be the attention-grabbing a part of the movie. 

The movie begins as a relationship drama, even small occasions construct as much as satisfying endings. For instance, Anbirkiniyal smiles at everybody when she is available in to work (even when she could be very upset) and this pays off fantastically later within the movie. Early within the movie, when her father calls out to her, she remarks that he shouts like she has disappeared, and she or he does ultimately. 

Even logical questions have straightforward solutions within the relationship drama half which is crafted with element. Why did the supervisor lock the freezer with out checking first? Why didn’t Anbirkiniyal textual content her father that she was nonetheless at work? Is Charles actually the type of man who would reverse his journey to return again for Sivan? Solutions are obvious from what we find out about these characters. We don’t get equally satisfying explanations for what characters do within the survival drama half. 

Keerthi Pandian is completely solid as Anbirkiniyal. She brilliantly depicts bodily ache in scenes the place she is trapped. The signs of the chilly creep up on her till she is roofed in sores. Ultimately, although, Anbirkiniyal returns again to the connection drama, which she would favor. Within the survival drama, her father and boyfriend had been in management, whereas she was caught. She’s in management within the relationship drama. 

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