Aravind Sa’s New Amazon Prime Comedy Special ‘I Was Not Ready Da’ Puts Style Over Substance

“I used to be born a caesarean child…they needed to pull me out of my mom’s womb. She was not prepared Da,” says comic Aravind Sa, explaining the title of his new Amazon Prime Video particular I Was Not Prepared Da. His second on the platform after 2017’s Madrasi Da, the brand new particular sees him discussing a number of firsts and milestone achievements from his life. 

He opens the present by saying to his Chennai viewers that your entire set shall be in English as a result of sometimes veering into Tamil throughout his final Amazon particular acquired him the tag of ‘Tamil comedian’. Unusual, he observes, contemplating that when North Indian comics break into Hindi, they’re nonetheless known as ‘Indian comedians’.

Like Madrasi Da, Aravind depends on his monumental vitality and exaggerated fashion for humour, relatively than spectacular writing or memorable jokes. However, whereas his animated fashion and rhythmic supply are pleasurable to look at (that, and the truth that he’s clearly having a blast), vitality alone isn’t sufficient to maintain over 70 minutes of get up, particularly once you’re watching it on-line and never stay with an viewers. Because of this, I Was Not Prepared Da is one more a kind of ‘strive to not tune out whilst you wait round for the following huge chuckle’ comedy specials.

The present is peppered with the comedian merely itemizing numerous humorous observations relatively than fleshing them out in vibrant methods. For instance, he has a prolonged bit in regards to the awkwardness of shopping for condoms in Indian pharmacies, however apart from that core thought, he doesn’t take it wherever. The identical is true for one more bit in regards to the incessant want of Indians on a flight to leap out of their seats as quickly because the wheels contact the bottom.

However what does work and makes this an sometimes rewarding watch is the refreshing perspective of a Tamil comedian talking about his cultural experiences (Aravind is amongst a handful of comics from the South to have a particular on the platform and one of many first to have two). A lot of his materials relies on the North-South divide, from questioning why Hindi is taken into account the nationwide language to breaking down how folks from Chennai use Tinder. At a time when the Indian comedy scene is essentially dominated by Hindi voices, it’s nice to see stand-up used as a gateway to a unique tradition and its quirks.

Whereas there aren’t almost as many as you’d hope, I Was Not Prepared Da does have some memorable bits comparable to  Aravind’s commentary on how Indians behave in American strip golf equipment, how his try at getting a personal dance from a stripper rapidly escalated into an organized marriage interview, and why he needed to refuse one other as a result of their ‘horoscopes didn’t match’. Equally I loved watching him recount his experiences of being invited on a number of Indian information panel exhibits after his 2017 set on why Chennai Specific’ Lungi Dance is regressive went viral on YouTube. “You understand the nation has gone to the canines when individuals are taking a comic’s opinion severely and laughing at shit politicians say,” he says. 

What’s additionally fascinating in regards to the story is a throwaway second during which he means that Amazon Prime solely agreed to place Madrasi Da on the platform if he uploaded a clip on YouTube and proved it might go viral – if true, it’s a telling second about how the platform makes its selections. Additionally, I’m unsure if writing in regards to the viewers is especially legitimate when discussing a stand-up present however the woo-for-anything viewers right here is especially annoying as they appear to erupt at actually something he says. At instances it seems like an episode of The Massive Bang Idea the place common jokes are met with inexplicably thunderous laughter.

In a 2018 interview to the Deccan Chronicle Aravind stated,  “It’s not at all times about saying one thing humorous. Typically you need to be the clown. You’re the joke! It’s all about entertaining folks.” That thought seems like the right abstract of this particular. Aravind is clearly a gifted performer and his supply is a pleasure to look at. I simply want I Was Not Prepared Da had the fabric to match.

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