Bigg Boss Kannada 8 April 12 Highlights: Aravind KP Loses Divya Uruduga’s Ring; Chandrachud Gets Emotional

The April 9 episode of Bigg Boss Kannada eight begins with housemates discussing Vyjayanthi Adiga’s voluntary exit. Rajeev Hanu and others are additionally seen speaking about Shamanth aka Bro Gowda’s luck within the sport. The following morning, Bigg Boss sends in a tiny glass tumbler. BB informs Aravind KP that since he broke a home mug earlier, he must devour water and different liquids within the tiny cup as punishment.

Quickly, Bigg Boss give a job the place the male contestants have to present a purple balloon to their favorite feminine contestant. The women, however, have to present a private belonging as a present to at least one housemate who’s expensive to them. The duty leaves everybody extraordinarily emotional. Chakravarthy Chandrachud is seen breaking down and crying while speaking about his childhood. He additionally apologises to Divya Suresh and provides her the purple coronary heart. In the meantime, Divya Uruduga is seen giving a finger-ring to Aravind KP.

Later, Bigg Boss publicizes this week’s nomination course of. BB informs the housemates that captain Prashanth Sambargi and new wild card Priyanka Thimmesh can’t be nominated. He provides reminds them that Shamanth has been straight nominated this final weekend. Most contestants take Vishwanath Haveri, Chandrachud, Rajeev and Manju Pavagad’s identify within the confession room. Bigg Boss then asks Bigg Boss asks captain Manju to straight nominate one contestant and he takes Divya Uruduga’s identify.

Aravind loses Divya’s reward and is seen in search of the ring in all places. Different housemates begin serving to him seek for the ring. Within the meantime, Aravind doesn’t inform Divya about this and continues to dodge her. Shubha Poonja and Rajeev clear your complete backyard space however to no avail. Finally, Aravind comes clear to Divya and we see her tears while revealing that her father had given it to her. Nevertheless, later the housemates are profitable find the misplaced ring.

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