Bigg Boss Kannada 8 March 31 Highlights: Vaishnavi Gowda And Divya Suresh Give Each Other Tough Competition

The March 31 episode of Bigg Boss Kannada eight begins with the continuation of the captaincy contender activity. For the unversed, Divya Suresh and Vaishnavi Gowda are seen standing on the stool for your complete size of the duty within the pool. The duo began the duty in yesterday’s episode, and proceed to carry out all of it evening. Within the meantime, Aravind KP steals bricks from Shubha Poonja’s staff.

The subsequent morning, Bigg Boss gives the housemates with one other spherical to earn bricks within the activity. This results in a variety of tussle and each groups find yourself destroying one another’s bricks. The unravelling of the duty results in an argument between Aravind and Nidhi Subbaiah. Quickly, Bigg Boss gives one other alternative for the groups to earn factors. Shubha’s staff wins the duty by answering the questions given to open the lock.

That is adopted by Bigg Boss asking each the groups to deliver down their Vaishnavi and Divya Suresh from the pool. The housemates are seen distracting their opponent’s teammate. They begin throwing water while hitting them with balls. Aravind will get disqualified for falling the pool. Manju Pavagad loses his cool with Divya Uruduga for deliberately pushing Raghu Gowda within the pool. The duty takes a toll on everybody as the ladies don’t budge from their place. Shubha flips on captain Vishwanath Haveri for continually altering the sport guidelines.

Quickly, Bigg Boss sends one other letter after Divya Suresh and Vaishnavi find yourself spending greater than 24 hours within the pool. A variety of commotion ensues and Vaishnavi requests everybody to respect their effort and conclude the duty. Nevertheless, Shankar Ashwath takes a rash determination to make his staff win the duty. He leaps over into the pool and pulls Vaishnavi down her stool. The entire home is extraordinarily upset with Shankar as he might have damage Vaishnavi. Since Ashwath’s transfer wasn’t underneath the parameters of the sport guidelines, captain Vishwanath declares Vaishnavi because the winner.

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