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Here’s a gloriously greasy, sweaty, furry, bloody and violent Western. It’s scrumptious.

“For a Few Dollars Extra,” like all the grand and corny Westerns Hollywood used to make, consists of conditions and never plots. Plots had been harmful as a result of if a child went out to get some popcorn he may miss one thing.

So Westerns had conditions, immediately recognizable. The person within the black hat strikes a match on the suspenders of a tricky man on the bar. Two gunmen face one another at every finish of an extended alley.

“For a Few Dollars Extra” has numerous stuff like that, but it surely’s on a bigger, extra melodramatic scale, if that’s potential. Shoot-outs aren’t over in a couple of minutes like they had been in “Excessive Midday.” They final perpetually.

This can be a sequel to “A Fistful of Dollars,” which I didn’t see however want I had. Each movies had been shot in Italy, with English-speaking actors within the leads and Italians within the bit components with dubbed dialog.

Clint Eastwood, as The Man With No Identify, is formidable: He chews and spits out dozens of cigars.

Lee Van Cleef, as Col. Mortimer, seems like an infinitely weary Clark Gable. He carries an arsenal with him. After a memorable duel by which they shoot one another’s hats to items, Eastwood and Van Cleef be a part of as much as acquire the reward for the desperado Indio (Gian Maria Volonte).

The remainder of the movie is one nice outdated Western cliché after one other. They aren’t executed properly, however they’re over-done properly, and each scenario is drawn out as a way to savor it.

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